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A high quality product starts at the source. Fruit & Flower Co. sources our premium mushrooms from trusted organic Canadian farms. Once our mushrooms are sustainably sourced, we pair them with other super- fruits, flower and other natural ingredients in small, freshly handcrafted batches.


  • 3.5 Grams Per Bottle 
  • Air Tight & Child Proof Packaging 
  • Whole Dried Fruiting Bodies 
  • Organic Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms – Grown and Refined in Canada
  • Lab Tested And Approved To Ensure Strength And Consistency 


GOLDEN TEACHER: Golden Teacher  helps to restore your mental and spiritual balance. Milder in potency but still packing a punch,  these "teaching" shrooms can reveal perspectives and  epiphanies about our reality.

PENIS ENVY:  Rare, sought after and renowned for being one of the most potent magic mushrooms Penis Envy is the king of shrooms. Perfect for vision quests, and intense mystical experiences.

BLUE MEANIE: Euphoric, energizing and social experiences are a match made in heaven with Blue Meanies. These highly potent magic mushrooms also have stress-relieving, mood improving and relaxing effects on the user.

AMAZONIAN:  Enhance your mood, feel more emotionally stable, empathetic and lucid. Amazonian Cubensis boosts creativity, improves thinking and the mind becomes more clear, present and engaged.

Dosage Guide

Take 1-2 Dose as needed. Visit our Dosing & Experience Guide for Protocols and Schedules.


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